The development of companies and production facilities

Flammifer Ltd. is located in Ozalj, near the city of Karlovac in Croatia and was founded on April 30th 1993. as a company that deals mainly with metal processing and related industrial activities. Commercial includes more than 20,000 m² of which 4,000 m² closed, well-focused and detailed a space for production.
Own project office. The annual capacity of around 40,000 hours.

Currently, our company has 50 employees of which 35 workers directly in production. Workers are highly qualified professionals, educated abroad and with valid certificates to prove and justify the high standards of excellence we have achieved.

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Our products

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The technology for processing steel, stainless steel and aluminum!


The workspace is equipped with modern machinery (CNC and hydraulic presses), devices for TIG welding, MIG and MAG welding, plasma cutting equipment, cutting, cropping and bending metal, thermal chamber for coloring and other.


Some of our upgrades and vehicles

The Flammifer company is upgrading vehicles so we present some of our vehicles and upgrades such as. A little Attacking vehicle FF VV 300 to chassis TATA Xenon 4×4; medium Attacking FF vehicle TLF 1200 on the chassis IVECO DAILY 70C17 4×2; Attacking larger vehicle FF TLF 2500 on chassis RENAULT PREMIUM 10.220 4×2; Attacking great vehicle FF TLF 2500 chassis-MAN 13.280 4×4.
Also the company is upgrading the vehicles for the transport of beverages FF VP 56 on the chassis Mercedes Atego 1522.