About Us

Our Mission

Flammifer Ltd. – the most optimal solutions for each customer upgrades. Twenty years of existence is certainly proof of our quality and our dedicated effort.

Since it’s establishment in 1993, the company mainly engaged in military production and is expressed in the production of pistols and rocket launchers and thus contributing significantly to defending the sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia. Since 2003 we are producing fire engines and fire fighting today’s Croatia is unthinkable without our company. In 2007 we began producing commercial grade and specialize it for vans and upgrades for the transport of beverages. From this year the production program we have and pack boxes for lorries in a variety of designs.

Our company specializes in the development of individual solutions, and this is reflected in our approach to customers. For every customer we try to find the most optimal solutions. In designing we use modern CAD software, and production use modern CNC machines. We apply new technologies in order to better carry out the requirements imposed by the market and due to the size and specifics of the job most of our staff was in training abroad.

Flammifer specializes in metal processing (cutting, bending, welding, painting) and aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel, we have ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 and experience how the Croatian market and in the EU market. Our project office can deal with all the challenges that you can put in front of us.

Entrepreneurs in the construction sector can offer upgrades for cargo motor vehicles such as different versions of loading containers, if necessary, equipped with loading ramps. We can also offer a variety of metal structures for construction and stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel including surface protection in the form of painting in thermal chambersor or hot galvanizing.

In the area of the fire service our customers are fire brigades throughout Croatia and lately we achieve significant results in the neighboring Federation. In the area of ​​economic upgrading reliable are the supplier companies from the Agrokor concern for vehicles for the transport of beverages and a number of companies that are looking for a reliable product with a good price-quality ratio.

Our experience in the EU market are exclusively positive, and we have realized significant business with companies from the EU and Croatian accession to the EU has simplified the implementation of activities for both of us that want to sell something and businesses from the EU in Croatia want to find suppliers.

This year the company wants to complete the offer of economic upgrading in a way that we have solutions for all market requirements from the open cargo box, over the crates tilt up panel van and in the segment of 3.5 t to 26.0 t.

Given the increase in companies with which they successfully for several years cooperate, we expect to based on the positive results achieved and a number of successful projects to achieve expected growth and collaborate with still a large number of businesses both in the domestic and the external markets.